What a year! We’ve seen every festival cancelled and every large catering job either cancelled, postponed, or just shrunk by up to 90%. Fortunately our customers are awesome and our food truck sales have been strong. We’ll get through the summer OK, now we’re just keeping an eye on the winter – our slowest time of the year.

Fortunately, the Quarantine and pandemic this year taught us a few things…

  1. Our customers still craved the flavours, and they were excited to continue buying our vacuum-sealed brisket, pork, and chicken.
  2. We didn’t have to wait for bookings – we could create our own! We figured out how to cook family-style meals, full racks of ribs, and family combos. We upgraded our website to make the check-out process easier, and we sold out – week after week. We are so grateful.
  3. We’ve gone from being Saskatchewan’s premiere LARGE-EVENT caterer – to being a damn good small event caterer too. It’s the new “norm” – We are happy to serve our guests in a buffet-style line up, and we’ve done quite a few events now with each meal boxed individually. It’s more work but we’ve fine-tuned our processes to make sure the food is just as hot and fresh as our clients have come to expect.

So if you’re planning a function – we’re excited to talk to you.

All the best,

Rob, Jacy, and Devon