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menu items

These are our most common menu items.  All meats are prepared using our award-winning BBQ rubs, recipes, and techniques.   We take a great deal of pride in the quality of our food, as you will find out at your event.   If you’d like something that’s not listed – just ask!   We grill just about everything, including steaks, desserts, and whole hogs.

Pulled Pork

Nothing says true, authentic barbeque like our hand-pulled pork shoulder. Our pork butts are hand-trimmed, and coated with our award-winning spice rub.  We always give them a second coating of rub prior to cooking – which helps provide the distinctive ‘bark’ this dish is known for. This is followed by a long and slow smoke, 12 to 16 hours. The connective tissues in this tough cut of meat break down over time and yield a sweet, savory meat that falls apart. This meat practically pulls itself!

Beef Brisket

Slow-smoked beef brisket is a tender, juicy, succulent piece of beef unlike any you’ve tried before.

Our competition Brisket rub is applied heavily and allows the beef flavor to shine. We smoke our briskets for 12-14 hours. And that pink you see in the meat? Get used to it! It’s referred to as a smoke ring, and it’s a telltale sign that the meat is cooked with hardwood, not gas or electricity. Our meat, though it has pink in it, is well cooked and is safe to eat.

Hand Carved Smoked Beef

We love to carve barbequed beef for a crowd! Our standard offering is Baron of Beef, which is given a generous spice rub prior to cooking. We carve these roasts right on the buffet table so your guests are guaranteed to be served hot, juicy slices.

Premium Cut: Top Sirloin

Treat your guests to whole top sirloin roasts, the same cut of meat used for grilled sirloin steak in high end steakhouses. This meat is naturally tender and very juicy.

Premium Cut: Boneless Prime Rib

The ultimate cut of beef if you want to really impress your guests. We use a different rub of herbs and spices on our prime rib, a special mix to guarantee a great crusty exterior with a shorter cooking time than brisket. We don’t cut corners on the product either, using only Canadian AAA-graded beef for your special occasion. We serve our prime rib cooked to Medium, with end cuts available for those who like it cooked Well Done.


You’ve never eaten better ribs than slow-smoked, Southern BBQ ribs. These bones will knock your socks off! We usually use the spare ribs (side ribs) – they contain more marbling than back ribs, and produce better flavor after the 6-hour BBQ process.  Ribs are rubbed with our Tumbleweed rub, smoked, and lightly glazed with our championship sauce.


Chicken (drums & thighs) is cooked faster than our other meats since it’s already pretty tender. We rub our chicken down with our award-winning “Sweet & Tangy” Rub – we guarantee that your guests will be licking their fingers. And they’ll be doing it even if there are napkins in front of them! We also have bone-in chicken breasts available for a slight extra charge.

Pork Loin

We serve this cut straight off the pit, it’s smoked hot and fast because it’s naturally tender and fairly lean.  It’s rubbed with a championship spice blend, and lightly glazed with our Blue Ribbon’ sweet sauce.

Double-smoked Farmers Sausage

A Saskatchewan favorite, this home style pork sausage is accented with garlic and black pepper.  It’s cured and smoked; then smoked again at your event.

Whole Hog / Pig Roast

Like all our meals, this is one your guests will be talking about for a long time. We are one of a select few caterers in the Canadian prairies that cook a whole hog on our BBQ pit in the true Carolina tradition. The hog is brought right from the farm to your event, and cooked low ‘n slow. The presentation of this hog is meant to dazzle, complete with plenty of fresh fruit and photo opportunities.

Learn More About Whole Hog Catering

Other selections

Why not try something off the beaten path… We also prepare whole leg of lamb, barbequed meatloaf, and smoked turkey. We cure our own hams using fresh pork legs and smoke them using apple wood, and we swear it will be the best ham you have eaten. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask!

Do you have guests with allergic, vegetarian, or religious reasons to require something different? No problem! Just let us know the guidelines and we will be happy to suggest and prepare alternatives.

Something for everyone

Side Dishes

Pit Beans

Our signature side dish, some consider our pit-cooked BBQ beans a meal in themselves.   The flavour is well balanced – sweet, with a bit of heat.  Our beans always contain few handfuls of smoked pork or beef brisket.   We have experimented with many recipes and the end result brings people back for seconds every time. This is the side dish that completes your barbecue experience.

Baked Potatoes

While baked potatoes aren’t the most complex dish we serve, they’re a popular item. We provide plenty of margarine, chives, sour cream, and real bacon bits so you can dress ’em up!

Apple Cider Slaw

Our coleslaw is light, sweet, tangy, and crunchy. We don’t overdress it with a thick, creamy dressing, and it always gets rave reviews.  Come to our BBQ classes and we’ll send you home with the recipe 🙂

Caesar Salad

Fresh torn romaine is tossed with our signature dressing, along with real bacon bits and freshly ground Parmesan cheese. Homemade garlic herb croutons round out the mix. Hail Caesar!

Spinach Strawberry Salad

Our spinach & strawberry salad is tossed with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The special part of this salad is the glazed pecans we add, lightly sweetened with a hint of cinnamon spice.

Hill Country Potato Salad

Our potato salad consists of skin-on red potatoes, grilled until tender.  The scratch dressing is light and doesn’t overpower the roasted potato flavour.  It’s tossed with sweet onions, red peppers, and bacon.

Tossed Salad

Always a favourite!  Crisp, fresh lettuce with tomatoes and mixed greens.  We will have an assortment of popular dressings on hand so there is something for everyone!  Got a favourite that you want to make sure is there?  Just let us know and we’ll make sure to have it!

Maple Bacon Cornbread

Served hot and fresh, this dish is sure to please!  Cornbread made with real bacon bits and maple syrup cooked right in.  Can’t have or don’t want the bacon?  We can definitely accommodate you by leaving it out.

Something for everyone


Build-your-own Sundae Bar

We provide quality vanilla ice cream and LOTS of toppings to choose from – chocolate, caramel, cherries, sprinkles, peanuts, cherries, whipped cream, etc.

Peach Cornbread Cobbler

Straight out of Georgia, we introduced this dessert on the food truck in 2020.  It was such a big hit we’ve added it to our catering menu.   Sliced peaches are tossed with brown sugar and a hint of baking spice, before being topped with our cornbread batter and baked until golden.

Premium Cheesecake Selection

A selection of cheesecake for your guests to choose from. The hardest part is not trying to eat them all. 

A bit of information

Booking Steps

  1. Do you have any questions?  Get in touch with us (Email preferred, but feel free to call if you have any questions).
  2. Review our menu items and sample menus to give some thought to the food you’d like us to prepare for your group.
  3. Contact us by Email or use the form below, and we can let you know our availability and quote you a price for your event.   In order to prepare a quote for you, we’ll be looking for information such as event date, venue, crowd size, and proposed menu.
  4. We will send you a quote for your event and booking details.
  5. To secure your event date, we require a deposit of $400 or 15% of the final price, whichever is higher.  Your event is not considered booked until we have acknowledged receipt of this deposit.  Deposits can be made by cash, cheque, or Interac E-transfer – we do not process credit cards.
  6. 14 days before your event, we require a down payment of 35% of the final price.
  7. 7 days before your event, we require the final guest count.  After this date, guest count may not be decreased.  Guest count may be increased for the quoted price +25%

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What size groups do you serve?

We specialize in large groups.   We have the largest fleet of commercial mobile smokers in Canada.  We are comfortable feeding hundreds, even thousands of people per day.   In 2020, we have learned to focus our efforts on smaller groups.   We are happy to entertain groups as small as 20 people.  

Do you have a COVID-19 cancellation policy?

We do ask for a deposit to hold your date.  This clears our calendar and allows us to focus on your event that day.   In the event that the Saskatchewan government bans private events, or gatherings, we will refund your deposit when the event is less than 30 days away.   This policy is effective for all future events, beginning July 2020.   If you have a deposit on hold with us for an event over 100 people, and the government is still enforcing small group rules 60 days before your event, we will gladly offer options to re-book your event or refund your deposit.  

Do you cook at our site?

We are fortunate enough to have the equipment to allow this.  Our custom-built food truck has a smoker on board, and our 1400-lb commercial smoker is also mobile – so for big crowds we’ll serve the food right off our smoker.    Nobody else in Saskatchewan has this capability.     The entire food operation can be run on a generator, meaning we can set up virtually anywhere.  For events less than 100 people, we may cook in our commercial kitchen and transport the hot food to your event.  We do this to keep prices lower.

How is your food served?

With COVID-19 guidelines, we have a couple options.  We can set up a buffet and serve your guests as they pass.   We can offer individually boxed meals as well.    For large events, once restrictions are released, We will set up a buffet at your event and allow people to serve themselves. In some cases we may help serve, such as carving prime rib for your guests. After everyone has come through the line, we leave the food out for 15 minutes in case anyone wants to come back for seconds.  Your price includes a full 30 minute service window.  After everyone is full, we clean up and head home.  

How much food do you prepare?

We prepare enough food for the number of people you asked us to cook for. There are leftovers, virtually every time – which tend to get eaten as people come back for second helpings. If we end up serving more people that our client expected, there will be an extra charge of 25% for those guests.

Do you offer anything for vegetarians?

Of course! One our partners hasn’t eaten meat or dairy in over 20 years! We have a few tricks up our sleeves, just let us know. We would be happy to accomodate any special requests.

Will you give me your recipe? (Yes, we get asked this!)

Absolutely.  We cook with our own spice rubs and sauce.   Read about them here.  We have refined these recipes over countless bbq competitions and events over the years.   The #1 spice rub in the world is available at a store near you!

What about gluten?

  We take allergies and sensitivities very seriously.  That’s why we have partnered with manufacturers that offer 100% certainty that our spice rubs and bbq sauce are made without gluten, and with no opportunity for contamination.   Just let us know and we’ll customize a menu for your guests.

What do you bring?

Our prices always include plates (large Chinet), premium disposable cutlery, napkins, condiments (salt, pepper, BBQ sauce, and any other condiments that traditionally go with your menu items such as horseradish or real bacon bits). If your event is outside, we can arrange for a 10×10′ tent to cover the food table. We clean up after ourselves and your guests, and make sure the area is at least as clean as it was when we found it. We don’t typically provide tables for serving the buffet, but those can be arranged if you don’t have them available

Can we cancel or change our date? (Pre-COVID guidelines)

The deposits are considered non-refundable. If you need to change the event date, our acceptance is dependent on availability. We may be able to apply the deposit to a future event if notification is given more than 45 days away from the event date. Once we purchase food for the event, you are liable for the full final price.