DrumBo 55 Gallon Legend Series Smoker

DrumBo 55 Gallon Legend Series Smoker



This is the original design of the DrumBo™  Charcoal Drum Smoker and Grill and it includes everything you need to cook award winning Barbecue.  We have done everything we can to keep this barbecue as Canadian and as Albertan as possible.

This is the basic design of the DrumBo™ Charcoal Drum Smoker and it includes everything you need to cook amazing Barbecue.

This is truly a Canadian, Albertan built Drum Barbecue and Smoker. Fully Climate Tested to withstand harsh Canadian Weather.

Standard Features:​

The DrumBo™ Legend measures 42″ tall and is 27″ x 27″ wide including the air intake pipes, feet and handles.

All steel components are hand built in our workshop in Wainwright Alberta.
Each Drums’ parts are hand-fitted and hand-stamped to ensure they are all up to our standards.
The finished drums are powder-coated.
All the retaining hardware is sealed to the DrumBo™ using high temperature sealants.
All rack bolts come with High temp O-ring seals.
Fully Climate Tested to withstand harsh Canadian Weather.

Fast and Easy

Charcoal Grilling Made Easy and Fast
Your DrumBo is ready to go in less than 15 minutes using the charcoal chimney!

No Assembly Required

Your DrumBo is ready to go right out of the box, just light your charcoal and get grilling.

Huge Capacity

A 22.5″ grill grate and 12 racks of ribs, 6 pork butts, 4 briskets, or 8 chickens!

Incredible Versatility

Limitless creativity with the DrumBo is encouraged, use as an oven, pan fry, make bread, char vegetables or even make pizza. heck, it will even cook Barbecue. If you’re carnivore, vegan, or vegetarian, cook the food that suits you!

Main Features

  • 3 Extreme Stability welded feet
  • Adjustable 4 rack level configuration.
  • Equipped with lower heat shield for protection and reflection, with high flow charcoal basket and plated steel grill rack.
  • Side Hang style Lid.
    • Under the lid you will notice a heavy-duty flat hook to hook over the top edge of the barrel and rest against the handle. The flat design stops the lid from rocking on the drum and reduces possible damage to the finish.
  • Your choice of 4 standard colours. Black, Red and Copper.
  • Comes full assembled and ready to season.
  • Upgrade options available

What’s in the box

  • The cardboard box measures 42”H x 27”W x 27”W
  • Fully built and ready to use DrumBo™ Legend
  • Fully painted Drum, Lid and Parts
  • Fully Powder coated in Standard Colours
  • 19gauge Canadian Virgin Steel Smooth Walled Drum/Barrel/Lid
  • Heavy Duty Coated Flat Lid Hook
  • Legend heat resistant Lid Handle
  • Variable Valve Exhaust Stack
  • Dual Variable Valve Air Intake Stacks
  • Industrial Thermometer
  • 4 level Adjustable rack levels
  • Plated 22.5” Grill Grate
  • High Flow Charcoal Basket
  • 19gauge Canadian Virgin Steel Lower Heat shield
  • 3 Extreme Stability welded feet
  • 2 custom side handles
  • Stainless Steel “DB” Badging
  • No assembly required
  • DrumBo™ comes ready to season and use

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Matte Black Carbide, Textured Red, Textured Copper Vein, Ultramarine Blue