Smoked Meat: Pulled Chicken

Smoked Meat: Pulled Chicken




You will be licking your fingers, even if there are napkins handy! Β Our chicken is rubbed with our award winning Tumbleweed Rub to give it a sweet & savoury flavour you’ll love. Β The hand-pulled chicken is vacuum sealed to preserve quality. Β It’s ready to reheat from either frozen or chilled state.

Reheat instructions included.

Here’s a few ideas for utilizing your vacuum-sealed meat!
Pulled Chicken: Β Salad topper, Quesadillas, Jambalaya, Soup, chopped with pasta, chicken fried rice, Asian sandwiches, Smoked chicken mac & cheese, Smoked chicken fried rice, Smoked chicken poutine, Smoked chicken lettuce wraps, Smoked chicken pizza, Chicken Cubano sandwiches.

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